Living with a phobia isn’t easy and sometimes can be disabling. The book ‘Can’t you just get over it?’, dealt with two phobias. Samhainophobia and Maskophobia sometimes known as (Masklophobia). This is a fear of Halloween and Masks. These are more common than people realise. When Halloween approaches, people with these phobias dread going outside. They find it hard to do normal everyday tasks leading up to the season. For example, shopping and socialising. Even social media can be difficult to navigate because of the fear of seeing images.

So, if you feel you need to talk to someone about your phobia or want more information please contact the following organisation with the button below.

What it means to be Self Published

Being self-published has its ups and downs.

It is strongly advised that if you go down this route, have your book edited by a professional.

You don’t get an advancement on the book you have written. You have to wait until it sells (if it ever does.) However, don’t be discouraged.

Having the book cover professionally done is a good thing. If you have an idea of what you want it to look like, then don’t be afraid to say to the self-publishing company. After all, it is your book.

Ask family and friends what they think of the covers when you are given a few options to choose from, as this will give you an idea what will draw a reader to your book. Tell them to be honest.

Don’t be afraid to let your editor know if you are unhappy with anything they suggest. But and this is important, remember why you want it to be edited, you may have written the story but the editors also know their job. This can be very hard at times but think about it carefully and then reply to them.

Once the book has been edited and has a nice cover, you are the one that has to promote yourself. Setting up social media accounts and a website. Start with the basics such as, Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t you just get over it?

An expressionless figure haunts Emily’s dreams. Night after night, he pursues her, and night after night, she wakes as he stabs her. 

When she starts seeing the figure at work and hearing voices, Emily begins to worry that her nightmares are becoming a reality. Something or someone is doing this to her, and as Halloween grows closer and the nightmares get worse, she begins to worry for her sanity. 

Desperate for answers, Emily struggles against the disbelief of everyone around her as she searches for a way to reclaim her life from her nightmares.

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