About the Author

I started writing when I was younger but an English teacher was very negative when I showed my work. I became so upset that not only did I stop writing but I also gave up on reading books. Years later as an adult, I started to put pen to paper and write again. This became a hobby. When the ‘Harry Potter’ books came out, I tried reading and fell in love with books once more.

Even though writing was a hobby, I felt the writing wasn’t good enough so I took a short course through ‘The Open University.’ This encouraged me to want to learn more about writing.

I chose the degree, ‘English Literature and Creative Writing.’ As the first year progressed, I wanted to expand my subject range so after careful consideration, I changed my degree to ‘Arts and Humanities with Creative Writing.’ This means I would have a greater choice in modules to study alongside the Creative Writing subject. The second year was an eye opener in both English and writing but very enjoyable and I can’t wait to start my final year.

In my first year of university I wrote my first book. The main character and I both suffer from the same phobia and this is what inspired me to write this book.

When I am not writing, I read books by many authors. I also play computer games (in my down time from university which isn’t a lot). I love 80’s music but I also listen to modern music as well.


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