Fourth assignment for A363

For this assignment, I had to submit a plan. We could choose from either poetry, short story or the opening of a novel for our final exam-based assignment. I decided to submit a plan for the opening of a novel. The plan had to be submitted or you could not pass the module. The word count could not be more than 750 words.

When it was marked and returned, the tutor was reluctant for me to submit an opening of a novel, as this is not taught as part of the module. However, the proposal that I had submitted the tutor was intrigued to see where this might go. He admitted that a short story version of this would not do it justice. The genre of the proposal was fictional thriller. In addition, the three characters I presented who would appear in the story, the tutor liked. However, it was recommended two of the characters were similar and one may need to be altered for the story or dropped altogether. As the one male character offered more tension and suspense within the story.

In the feedback, it was suggested to read the opening of a few different thriller books. This was to see how the opening engaged the reader from the start. I would also need to consider the tone of the opening. Also, if I used first person, to remember to give the main character a strong and engaging voice. Although, I hadn’t decided the style of language to be used by the main character, I did have an idea that the main character would be polite in her daily life, compared to when she is angry.

When the tutor read the plan, he did like the idea for the opening but I had to remember to create tension and suspense with the possibility of another character finding out the main character’s secret.

Finally, I was pleased that the tutor liked my plan and it give me ideas that I hadn’t considered before. So, I will use the feedback to expand my story further.

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