Second assignment for A363

In this assignment, I could either create a film, play or radio piece based on my first assignment. I looked over the options carefully but after mulling it over, I decided to go with the play. The stage play had to be 15 minutes in length, equal to 15 pages.

The way I tackled this was to gather all the speak from the story and put it into a document. Then, this gave me a total of 5 pages for my play. Considering, I had never written a play, this was very daunting.

So, I read through some plays to give me an idea on the layout, Also, the amount of description they use, so not only would it help the director and stage crew but allow the actors room to make the characters their own. Next, I read through the university material in what they expected in the script. I shared some of my work in the university forum in order to get feedback. This helped a great deal with shaping the play.

However, I found in writing this script that scenes were cut that were in the original story and some scenes were expanded on to give some characters a bigger role. More importantly, the story was able to keep most of the original essence without losing crucial storyline.

Consequently, when the tutor handed back the assignment, I received a better score than expected. Although, the feedback was mixed, it could have been worse. For example, I had a good description of the scene. This line was funny. Good use of a phone call to drop intriguing hints. On the other hand, there were comments like, the scene doesn’t move the action forward so you could have combined it with another scene. This direction is demanding but just about possible.

Finally, it was a demanding assignment but towards the end I found it enjoyable to do as I had attempted something, I never thought of doing. Having said that, would I do another play; well I’m still thinking on that.

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