First assignment for A363

Throughout the summer, I worked hard to improve my writing. So, when university started up again, I hoped that the hard work would pay off. The first assignment was either a total of 1500 words, in which we had to create a complete story or poetry. However, after attempting poetry last year, I chose prose, a complete story.

Next, the prompt which was chosen was ‘the hotel room’. It was up to us, as the writer, to choose the point of view, characters and so on. However, the word limit was a constraint at first but after many rewrites, the story was finished within the word limit.

In the first paragraph, it was suggested in the feedback, the street in which the character was on lacked description. ‘What did the street consist of?’, after re-reading the story, it was noticeable that there could have been more information on the street.

Also, the story had tension and given good detail to show the reader what period it was set. However, the hotel room had very vague detail. To elaborate, the room should’ve had a more distinctive feel to it. Perhaps, adding a sense of horror to it.

Furthermore, there was a part of the story which the character’s reaction was described when it should have been shown for the reader. Similarly, more detail could have been added to the reception in the hotel. Although, there were parts of the story that had unnecessary which could have been cut. If this had been noticed, then the other areas could have been expanded.

More importantly, the suspense could have carried on a little longer so that the reader wouldn’t know until the very end what was happening to the main character. Also, a story should not to end in a flashback but to bring it back to the present day so that the reader can see the resolution.

As a result, it has been shown by working on this assignment that there have been mistakes but also many improvements since the last module. This has meant an improved mark. Therefore, using the feedback given, this should improve the mark for the next assignment.

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