In the final exam-based assignment, I decided to go with a piece of fiction. This had a limit of 2500 words. The genre chosen for the EMA was thriller/horror.

During this assignment there were many drafts as it needed to be good in order to pass the module. Then, previous feedback was re-read from the TMA’s and notes were taken. Also, in the past I had mixed tenses, repeated words and had a lack of description and I wanted to get this assignment right.

Therefore, it was important to get everything right. The title of the story was ‘Writer’s Block.’ Many writers will suffer from this time to time so, I wanted to show what it can be like. The character who works from home for an advertising company, is trying to put a campaign together for a horror film. However, when the ideas are not flowing the character starts to have nightmares. After a few days in this situation she receives an advanced copy of the film. This in turn helps her to create ideas and put her presentation together.

Finally, due to this being an exam-based assignment, feedback was not given. However, I did pass the module with a good grade and I am now in my last year.

Due to being back at university, I hope to update my progress once a month.

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