My first assignment

The prompt I chose for my assignment was ‘a bunch of keys’. This story had a limit of 750 words. However, during this assignment I found it difficult to incorporate everything in such a short amount of words. My story lacked senses in the initial description. For example, I forgot to include what the key might feel like or how much it would weigh.

In the editing process, I scanned for spelling and punctuation mistakes. However, I overlooked how the dialogue should be presented within the story.

The characters in this story came across as typical victim/villain type people. I should have given them complexity adding more depth.

I remember feeling very confined and under an extreme amount of pressure to write a story to a deadline. In which I made many mistakes. Although, given more time, I would have spotted these errors. Even though, it had a limited word count, I felt I was unable to give my best. Finally, I did pass the assignment. However, if I’d been given more time, I believe I would have achieved a better mark.

Next week assignment two…

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