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Can't You Just
Get Over It?

An expressionless figure haunts Emily’s dreams. Night after night, he pursues her, and night after night, she wakes as he stabs her.

When she starts seeing the figure at work and hearing voices, Emily begins to worry that her nightmares are becoming a reality. Something or someone is doing this to her, and as Halloween grows closer and the nightmares get worse, she begins to worry for her sanity.

Desperate for answers, Emily struggles against the disbelief of everyone around her as she searches for a way to reclaim her life from her nightmares.

A Word From The Author

I wrote as a hobby for many years but suddenly lost my way. So, I did a free course at The Open University. I loved the course, so I started a degree in English and Creative writing which I have now completed. I started to write this book in the hopes that I would find it therapeutic as I battle with the same phobia as in the book. However, the emotions that resurfaced were painful at times and sometimes overwhelming, but it pushed me to continue writing and finish the book.

Catherine Blackmore
Writer, Speaker & Teacher.

Best selling books

Can't You Just Get Over It?

Mr Roberts' House

Definitely a great read for me, really enjoyed the characters dynamics especially Art’s relationship with the ghost definitely would recommend

Hayley G.